AGU Chapman Conference in Ecohydrology

Last week, I had a great pleasure to fly down to Cuenca, Ecuador to attend the AGU Chapman conference on Emerging Issues in Tropical Ecohydrology. You can see the program for the conference HERE.

The conference gathered about 100 scientists from around the world, from New Zealand to Sweden, including India and almost every country in South America. The attendees were evenly split between faculty, post-docs and graduate students.

Many of the faculty and post-docs attending the conference were highly recognized in the field of tropical ecohydrology, and many were the authors of papers that have been the foundation and the motivation for my own work. Being able to meet so many of them all at once was a unique experience! The small size of the conference and the general organization (everybody staying in the same hotel, all meals taken together) really allowed me to have one-on-one conversations with the people I wanted to.

The lectures were all really inspiring, and the poster sessions allowed us to easily connect with one another. I made many friends during this trip, and I expect that the network that was born during the conference will be tremendously useful in the future when looking for a new position or developing new projects.

The conference field trip was an amazing way to discover the mountains of Ecuador and the paramo ecosystem. We got a guided tour by the graduate students from the University of Cuenca, who showed us their field experiments and gave us an overview of their research. The views were breathtaking, but the field trip was also a great opportunity to chat in a relaxed environment.

Finally, the topic-specific breakout sessions proved to be a great way to think about concrete projects in ecohydrology.  The goal of these sessions was to write a series of discussion papers based on common interests of sub-groups of attendees. The discussions were all very stimulating, and I am expecting the three groups I am involved in to produce great papers in the very near future!

You can see my poster HERE.

See more photos of the conference by searching for #AGUEcoCCo on Twitter!