My thesis in 180s… and in French

This weekend, I took part in the “Thesis in 180s” competition at MIT during which French speaking PhD students from all background presented their thesis in 180 seconds (3 minutes) to a non-specialized audience. This competition started in French-speaking countries in 2012, and this year was the first time that the competition was hosted is the US. The event was organized by the French Consulate in Boston and the French @MIT Club.

Explaining one’s research project in such a short amount time requires a lot of preparation, but it was a very fun challenge! During my presentation, I introduced the concepts of dew, foliar uptake, transpiration suppression, cavitation, and water use efficiency, all in only 180s! I was awarded 3rd place and received a $500 prize from Thales, who sponsored the event. The winner, Arthur Michaut, will defend the US in the international final in September in Liège (Belgium).

If you understand French, make sure to watch the video of my presentation!

Global Change in Costa Rica

In the fall of 2013, I help teach the freshman seminar “Global Environmental Change: Science Technology and Policy”. As part of my teaching, I organized a field trip to Costa Rica, where we visited a geothermal power plant, a wind farm, a field of solar panels, a sustainable coffee plantation, a research station in the cloud forest. Within a week, I saw  the students’ perspective on Global Change evolve more than it had in the 6 weeks of classes prior to the trip, proving once again the impact of teaching outside of the classroom.


NYC Girls Computer Science and Engineering Conference

I was up in NYC on Thursday, April 18th for the NYC Girls Computer Science and Engineering Conference. I presented my research and helped teach an introductory programming class to high school girls. The conference, hosted by NYU in collaboration with Princeton University and Google, was aimed at stimulating girls’ interest in computer sciences and engineering. Over 200 high schoolers from all over NYC attended the conference.