Exchange Scholar at Harvard University

Today, I officially started my visit at Harvard University. For the next year, I will be sitting in Pr. N. Michele Holbrook’s lab in the department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology. I am excited to improve my plant physiology knowledge, and to get more lab experience. I will still be a full time student in the EcoHydrology Lab at Princeton University and will go to Princeton regularly throughout the year.

Harvard 10th Annual Plant Biology Initiative Symposium

I attended the 10th Annual Plant Biology Initiative Symposium organized on May 5th and 6th The symposium was organized by Harvard University and took place at the Arnold Arboretum.

The exciting program included talks by Chris Field, Graham Farquhar, Joe Berry, Jim Ehleringer, Todd Dawson, and many others and was focused on plants in a changing world. All the talks were very inspiring and explored the problem by looking at plants at scales ranging from individual plant behavior to satellite data. Many of the talks also stressed the importance of long term projects to allow us to understand the impacts of climate change on different species and at different spatial and temporal scales.

I also got the opportunity to present a poster and discuss my work on the impacts of dew deposition on the leaf water and energy cycles of Colocasia esculenta.

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