SPATIAL Short Course at the University of Utah

I just came back from the SPATIAL Short Course, organized by Gabe Bowen at the University of Utah. Morning lectures were focus on the theoretical underpinnings of spatial structure in a range of isotopic systems and how these are applied to address scientific challenges in multi-scale ecological, biogeochemical and Earth science research. Afternoon laboratory sessions introduced us to tools and techniques for working with spatially explicit environmental datasets, including geodata identification, acquisition, management, and analysis, using real data from published and unpublished sources.

Lecturers included John HayesJason West, Chris Still, David Noone, Simon Brewer, John Lin, Jed SparksJim Ehleringer, Rebecca PowellDiane Pataki and Jason Neff. You can also have  look at the presentations we produced after each week of afternoon labs HERE.

Beyond the lectures and labs, the course was a great way to meet graduate students and post docs working in my field and I am excited to develop new collaborations and projects with them!


I just got accepted to the SPATIAL 2014 Summer course at the University of Utah. This course is the second leg of the Iso-Camp Summer school I attended in June 2013. SPATIAL is focused on regional and continental research involving stable isotopes. In addition, I also got awarded a $2300 NSF scholarship to cover the tuition of the course.

I am very excited and I am really looking forward to being back in Salt Lake City to hang out with the isotopeteers!